Along with this, money of two-three people was lost, fraud was done in the name of actress Gauri Krishna, if you are not careful then you will also be involved, the incident is as follows.

Gauri Krishnan is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor is seen through the series Poornamani Thingle. The actress got married recently. The actor is very active on social media. The actor shares all his new features with his fans through Instagram and YouTube. Now what the actors say in a video, they have started paying attention.

“I have come to tell you something very important. A comment appears below my recent post. This is a link to a Telegram channel. This comment appears on my official Telegram page. It says I am giving away laptops Realize that it is not me” – says Gauri Krishna.

“This is something I am not aware of. This is pure fraud. They all have fake accounts. My youtube channel has a partnership with a company called D Star. I called them about this. Don’t know about such incident. I have reported it. Please no one open that link. Don’t try to do anything it says”- added the actress.

Meanwhile, the actor said that the Telegram account is fake and many people are demanding money from some fans through it. Also said that two-three people lost their money. Gauri Krishnan says please no one should do anything like this and it is my responsibility to inform you and that is why I am doing this.