All vegetarians were looked down upon, and his reason for survival was his wife Lata; Rajinikanth with an open mind

Rajinikanth says that the reason for his survival is his wife Latha. He had many bad habits during his time as a bus conductor.

It was his wife Lata who took away all that love. Rajinikanth said that he is still healthy because of Latha. Rajinikanth said this while speaking at a public event.

He is now 73 and credits his good health to his wife. He had many bad habits due to wrong association as a bus conductor. He used to eat mutton twice a day.

He used to drink alcohol all the time. Don’t even know how many cigarettes were smoked. It has increased after coming to cinema. After coming to the cinema, he used to eat mutton soup, bread and chicken every morning.

All vegetarians were looked down upon. They also thought about what they were eating. All these bad habits were changed by his wife Lata.

Pyaar took the place of Lata. Rajinikanth says that he arranged his life with love and the help of the right doctors.

Cigarettes, alcohol and meat are a dangerous combination. Rajinikanth further said that those who do all this without any limit, they are not able to remain healthy till the age of 60 years.

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