All of those characters were discarded because it was difficult to wear the clothes they were told; Anusithara when given the opportunity from other languages

Anusithara is one actress who has a huge fan following. The characters of all actresses active in Malayalam cinema for more than 10 years have been taken care of. Anu’s latest release is Shachadam. The film is getting good response. Apart from Malayalam, Anusithara is getting opportunities from other languages, but the actress is now rejecting many of them, which is the reason, explains Anusithara.

Anusitara says that she always makes films by looking at the characters. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small role or a big one. At that time all that was being done was to do more films and play the characters that were available for it. He did a small role play in Anarkali. The actress says that even such small roles are not left due to the thought that opportunities should not be missed.

Chances are coming from other languages, mostly from Telugu. But because they can’t wear the dress they say, they were all rejected. When I hear a script, the first thing I think about is whether the character will suit me.

If the story is good then the costume they say will be difficult. Then I would say that it is hard for me and it will not fit. But the actress said, “It’s not because I don’t like the role, but because I know it won’t suit me.”

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