Akshay Kumar’s Guinness World Record – The audience said that no one in the world can get a Guinness record for such a stupid thing.

Akshay Kumar is one of the most favorite actors of Malayalees. Not only has she not acted in a single Malayalam film yet, she has only been noticed through Hindi films. But he is well known to all Malayalees. The reason for this is that he is one of those people who take a hard line on the Sangh Parivar and all such people are seen as troll material by Malayalees.

Now such news has come which will make his fans happy. The news is coming that he has also got the Guinness World Record in his name. And the Malayalam audience says that no one can make a Guinness World Record for such a stupid thing. Viewers are now saying that no superstar in the world should do such an incident.

His latest film Selfie is one of the films that Prithviraj has also co-produced. It also has the distinction of being the Hindi remake of the superhit Malayalam Driving License. What he did to campaign for it is now worthy of a Guinness World Record. He took a lot of selfies for the promotion of the film.

He took a total of 184 selfies. He took so many selfies within three minutes. He has broken the record of taking the maximum number of selfies in a short span of time. The incident took place in a studio in Mumbai. A crowd of 240 fans turned up to see him. All the fans stood in the queue and took selfies.

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