Akhil Marar is a malevolent pig – Ashwant Koke slams young director, Koke fans wonder if this is a bit harsh

Ashwanth Koke is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. They are noticed through social media. He is known for his film reviews. The question of who is the best film critic in Malayalam today has only one answer: Ashwanth Kok. Most people in Kerala decide to watch or not to watch a movie only after listening to its reviews.

A few days ago the problem between him and director Akhilmarar was widely discussed in Kerala. Akhil Marar said in a discussion that people like Ashwant Kok are ruining Malayalam cinema by saying that they also make fun of great Malayalam actors personally when they review. Ashwant Kok came up with the answer. Ashwanth said that Akhil Marar is an incompetent director and it is the mood of the seniors in the film that makes the producers sign.

Akhil Marar himself came forward with the answer. Akhil Marar said in this video that your sister came and said that I am not capable. In other words, what he is wearing has the ability to make women pregnant. Coke fans said that the level of director Akhil can be understood from this. Ashwant Kok made a video today. The video was made in reference to Karipetti made by Mamuka, but Akhil Marare was also mentioned at the end. In this, Ashwant addressed Akhil Marar as a male chauvinist pig.

This comment has now become the cause of a big controversy. Akhil Marar’s fans are now saying that whatever Ashwant said in the video is true, but Akhil Marar’s personal abuse is not true at all. Meanwhile, Ashwin’s fans now say that this is a common usage in English and there is no need to blame Ashwin for it.

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