Ajith bowed down before Vijay film, Thuniv will not release with Vijay film, Ajith announced the release date of the film

Ajith is one of the leading actors in Tamil. If you ask who is the biggest actor in Tamil cinema, people from Kerala and Tamil Nadu have only one answer. It will be only Dalpati victory. But still a section of people in Kerala feel that Ajith has the most fans in Tamil Nadu. But the fact is that if you ask for proof, they have nothing to provide.

At the same time, both the films are going to release in the same week after a long time. Early indications were that both the films would release on January 12. But it is almost certain that this will not happen. Vijay’s film was announced to release on 12 January. It was announced months ago.

Everyone thought that Ajith’s film would also release on this day. Even Ajith’s fans were told that the unofficial release date is January 12. But now it is known that Ajith has changed the release date of the film due to fear of Vijay film. Thuneev will release on January 11.

Meanwhile, there is no doubt that Ajith’s film will give competition to Vijay’s film. There will be any hope only if Ajith’s film gets positive reports. This film is being made by the same director who had earlier made Ajith’s film Valimai. So the truth is that even the fans have no hope. Even if the negative report comes, Vijay’s film is sure to get at least 250 crores.