Ajit sir comes on set as if he has woken up from sleep, doesn’t even comb his hair: Manju Warrier

Ever since the trailer of Ajith’s film ‘Tunivi’ released, Manju Warrier’s performance has been garnering attention. Manju has got an important role in the action film. Thuneev is Manju’s second Tamil film after ‘Asuran’.

Manju has now opened up about acting with Ajith. Manju openly says that there are many subjects to learn from Ajit sir. Manju says that we should bring all that in our life.

He doesn’t seem to be putting any effort into it. Come to the set as naturally as you wake up. Don’t use makeup. The hair is fixed by hand. Chirpa is not even visible to be used. He is very independent.

And the way everyone is treated. We treat everyone we meet with respect, treat everyone with love and talk openly about everything. There is no way to talk in and out. We have to make it practical in our life.

We should not give trouble to anyone else. He says you can live the way you want. I was very surprised when I met Ajit sir for the first time. Manju Warrier says that he came to meet her when he felt that he should go and see.

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