After waiting for three years, Divine shares the news of divorce with Armana.

Serial movie star Dimple Rose’s family has a huge following on social media. Photos and videos shared by Divine Clara, wife of Dimple Rose’s brother Don, are increasingly taken in by fans. Now Divine has come to share a new news.

Devine expressed her happiness that what she and her husband had wanted for a long time was about to happen. Since Don could not divorce the Church, Devine was not bound to the Church. However, now after a long time of efforts, Divine has announced that Don has got a divorce and soon both will get married in the church.

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In the words of the star,

Today we are going to share a good news with you which we were waiting for a long time. It’s been three years since our marriage. We were waiting for this news for those three years. You must have waited longer than us. This is something many people have asked us. Why didn’t we get married in the church? Why don’t we go to church? Son Tomu’s baptism and what not. I once said in my Q&A that there is a court in the Church Palace like we have a court of law. So they registered the marriage under a special act as we could not get a divorce. If we do this, it is as if we are doing it against the church. Don Chetan’s divorce was going on in Armana court.

‘There were times I wished I had it sooner. On Tomu’s first birthday, we wished we could get a divorce. Everything is clear now. No more problems. Now thaliketta will be first in our church. Then Thomas must be baptized. That’s why there are many programs. We and everyone in the house are very happy. Devine said.