After the shoot, Mohanlal took her in his car and dropped Shakeela – did you see the comments of Malayalees below the news? Onlookers said this one incident is enough to understand the extent of sexual poverty of Malayalees

If you ask which group in the world suffers from the most sexual poverty, it can be said with 100% certainty that it is the Malayalees. Malayalees are literate but lack discrimination. There is no group in this world that is so afraid of change. It must also be said that Malayalees are a group that always likes to praise the past. It is in the blood of Malayalees to blindly oppose whatever is new.

Similarly, another weakness of Malayalees is to talk sex about everything in the world. Malayalis are fond of finding another meaning for everything. There is no other group in the world that enjoys double meaning jokes as much. Malayalees are not only doing all this but Malayalees will do as much as possible to destroy the next generation.

A few days ago Shakeela was invited as a guest in a temple function. This is one of the best changes Kerala society has ever seen. Many people arrived to appreciate the decision taken by the temple committee, but as usual a section of people came forward with criticism, but onlookers said that their criticism should not be taken into consideration as common people are not even paying for the grass. Let’s pay To such people

Meanwhile, in a recent interview given by Shakeela, she talked about Mohanlal. Shakeela said that she is a big fan of Mohanlal and after shooting Mohanlal took her away in his car. Below this, the comments of Malayalees are now being noticed. Onlookers say this one incident is enough to understand how appalling the sexual poverty of the Malayalees is.

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