After many years, Manju’s mother took the daughter in her lap on a public platform and listened to the mother’s words? This is an inspiration to every girl in the audience

Manju Warrier is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalam people. Ayesha is his latest film. The film is directed by Amir Pallikal. The film is getting very good response. Now the words of Manju Warrier’s mother are being noticed regarding this film. The special thing is that they are seen in public after a few days.

Amma Girija says Ayesha is a very good movie and she felt sad after watching this movie. Manju’s mother Girijavari says it is a good film and everyone should watch it. At the same time, the audience says that the mother’s pride for her daughter is clearly visible in her words. Viewers say that these words are very inspiring for every girl.

Meanwhile, the film is set in an Arabian backdrop. Now many eminent people are coming forward appreciating the film. Former minister KT Jaleel and others reached the spot yesterday to appreciate the film. He writes in the note that the message of this film is that women who have been abandoned by their husbands will never be the way to go.

Meanwhile, the film tells the story of the real Nilambur Ayesha’s life. He is a theater artist. She is an artist of communist background. At the same time, the audience who have seen this film agree that this film is one of the best tributes paid to a person while he was alive. The audience is specifically reminded that this film is a small chapter in the life of Nilambur Ayesha and is not her entire life.

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