After Manichetan’s death, the family takes back what Manichetan had bought – Hear what Revat is saying? Another section says that Mani’s family did not do the right thing because of the family’s pain.

Kalabhavan Mani is one of the most loved stars of Malayalees. He has helped many people. Revat is one of those people who got help like this. Now the things said by him in the interview named Behindwoods Eyes are considered in the media. He talks about Kalabhavan Mani and his sudden demise.

“Many times there is no money to keep food in the house. But even in such cases cancer patients are taken to Thiruvananthapuram free of cost. Kalabhavan Mani is like God to me. When I was in third grade, I used to sell lottery tickets. He expressed his desire to see me at that time. We were invited to his manager’s wedding. I met him there for the first time. I had 29 bumper lottery. He bought it all. 5000 was given to us. And he gave new clothes and gifts.” – says Revat.

“He helped all of us till he died. It was he who gave money to my sister to study nursing. Because of him, we also got cable connection installed in our house. Seeing all our troubles, he gave us an autorickshaw. But after his death his family took it back from us. There was a case that day. Later, when he was selling the cassette at the festival ground, police said he died. Revat said that he could not believe this news.

At the same time, many people have come forward criticizing Kalabhavan Mani’s family. But don’t do that and Kalabhavan Mani Chetan hasn’t made anything from the film and his family is still living in great hardship and so if the auto rickshaw is taken back it will be because of his family’s hardships.

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