After a long time – Varda breaks the news and asks the audience why it hasn’t been done for so long

Varada is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor has played minor and major roles in several films. Despite being an actress, the actress has appeared in many films. The actor has also worked in several short films. However, it can be said that the actor got noticed the most through the serial sector.

It was the serial sector that gave him his own distinct identity. Therefore, it would not be an understatement to say that all his fans are family audiences. She is also very active in social media. Hence, he has converted many youngsters into fans. She remains very active on social media and now she has announced the latest news.

Now the actor has shared a picture from a dubbing studio. The actor says he is lending his voice to a character after a long time. The actor also asks to wait for more updates. At the same time, the audience is now asking why you haven’t dubbed in your voice for so long.

The actor also has his own YouTube channel. The actor shares all the small and big details of his life with his fans. Now viewers are saying that the voice of the actor is very beautiful and we have heard all this through these videos, then why do you hire other dubbing artists and you have dubbed yourself and she is more beautiful.

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