After 5 months of marriage, 7 months of pregnancy, the audience said that the figures are not correct, Shamna Qasim answered all the questions correctly.

Shamna Kasim is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actress got married last year. Now the actress is preparing to welcome her first child. The actor married a Malayali businessman. Husband’s name is Shanid Asif Ali. A few days ago the actor shared pictures of the baby shower. At the same time, many questions are coming in front of the fans.

The actress got married last October. That is, only six months have passed since the marriage. But it is known that the actress is now seven months pregnant. Are you pregnant before marriage?

But the actor was not ready to answer such questions. On the other hand, Shamna Kasim says that she was in a live-in relationship with her husband since marriage. These things were revealed in a video made by the actor himself. The actor also said that this video is being made to clarify a topic.

The actor says that he made such a video because he saw a lot of questions. The actor also says that he saw that many online media are reporting the news with wrong tag lines. At the same time, the actor said that he is getting the prayers of many people and he acted in the film even being pregnant and there are films including Dussehra that everyone is waiting for. Their actual wedding date is June 12. The marriage took place on the same day. Nikah was a private ceremony. Only close family members attended the wedding. After this both were living together. While the wedding was held as a function only in the month of October.

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