Adorned in front of curious dolls; Supriya Monon with photo

The love of actor Prithviraj’s fans for his family is increasing day by day. The actor’s wife Supriya and daughter Alamkrita are the favorites of the audience. Supriya took to social media to share the news of her daughter.

Alli’s every antics as well as the letters she writes to Alli about her interest in books are all shared through social media. Now a recently shared photo is going viral.

Supriya Menon shared a picture of her daughter standing in awe in front of the decorated dolls. Supriya has shared her daughter’s photo as an Instagram story. Supriya also shared a photo of the holiday celebration with Prithviraj. Anyway, pictures of Supriya, Prithviraj and their daughter have attracted everyone’s attention.

Meanwhile, Prithviraj is active in acting, directing and producing. Supriya is also in production. Prithviraj’s most recent release is Kappa. The actor has many more films lined up for release.