Actress Saranya Anand shares the good news; greetings fans

A serial named Kudumba Valak is enough to talk about actress Saranya Anand. Even though she comes across as a villain, Sharanya was accepted by the audience in no time. Sharanya is married to Manish, a Malayali of North Indian background. Both are active on social media. They are also seen together in stage shows. Tarlangal now talks about getting married.

We had a common friend. When I told him about thinking about marriage, he said that I have a friend and I can talk. I talked to Sharanya. It was spoken in Hindi and I liked that Hindi was spoken clearly.

When asked from where she learned Hindi, she said that she too was born and brought up in Gujarat. Talked for two-three weeks. I like it very much. He said if it is you then you can tell the family. So the family members themselves fixed the marriage.

We do not have a love marriage. Sometimes I have to wear modern clothes, I want a family that accommodates it, said the actress, adding that I have to give 101 out of 100 to her family. Sharanya also said that it will motivate her well.

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