Actress Krishna Prabha pranked as Santa Claus; Video can go viral on social media

Krishna Prabha is an actress who made her acting debut in the film Boy Friend and caught the attention of Malayalam people. Apart from films, the actor is also active in serials. Apart from acting, the actor is also a great dancer.

The actress is also very active on social media. Through this, actors share their details with their fans. The actor also has his own YouTube channel.

Now the new video shared by the actor is making headlines on social media. The actor shared a video pranking his fans as Santa Claus.

Krishna Prabha along with her dance team came in front of the houses as a carol group. Nobody recognized Krishna Prabha coming in shops and homes as Father Christmas. When Papa changes his mask, others realize that it is film star Krishna Prabha.

Krishna Prabha and his team started the carol from Panampally Nagar in Kochi and celebrate the carol with song and dance. His mother was also with Krishnaprabha.

A carol is something that has been wanted for a long time. But this has not materialized so far. But this time when I told my own dance team, they said let’s kill it didi. Krishna Prabha says in the video.

This video has been released by the actor through his YouTube channel. This video became increasingly viral on social media.

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