Actress Chandra Laxman came into acting only 28 days before giving birth; Critics are not watching Cochin, which is not much, what kind of acting, fans are saying it’s dedication

Chandra Laxman is one of the favorite actresses of the miniscreen and big screen audience. The actress who has been garnering attention in both films and serials has recently become a mother.

This happiness was celebrated by the fans of the star. But now Chandra has returned to acting just 28 days before giving birth.

Twenty-eight days after the birth of his son, Chandra Laxman is back on the sets of ‘Samvatam Sujata’ to act alongside his son.

Her husband Tosh gave this information through a new YouTube channel. Tosh says that a small string was tied to Kunjuwawa on the 28th.

Another special thing is that Chandra has joined ‘Veendum Sujatha’. Chandra’s mother is also with us. Chandra’s room is next to the room where the shoot is taking place. Chandu always gets good care from the team of ‘Sujatha’. So no need to run and work, just relax. Tosh says in the video.

But after the video, Lakshmi is getting criticized a lot. Star’s critics say that going to Kochi without Ichiri is not a good idea. But those who support the actress say that this is the honesty of the star towards work.

Meanwhile, Tosh Christie and Chandra Laxman are the favorite star couple of the mini screen audience. These two are stars who met while working together in the serial and later fell in love and got married. The two met for the first time while acting in ‘Swantam Sujata’. A boy was born to both of them.