Actress Arunima’s accident, actress lost her finger – know here what happened

Arunima is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. Her real name is Arunima Ghosh. He has not even worked in a Malayalam film till now. However, he has many admirers among the Malayalees. The reason for this is that the actress is very cute in appearance. In whatever language these actresses are, Malayalees will seek them out and become fans.

On the other hand, today’s youth are those who do anything to maintain their beauty. They also do unhealthy exercises to improve their health. Now during one such incident, a very shocking news is coming out. The news is coming that actress Arunima has met with an accident. This happens during exercise.

Arunima was working from home. During this, his fingers got seriously injured. He was immediately admitted to the nearest hospital. Doctors advised surgery. He got 12 stitches on his fingers.

He was doing exercises with the help of dumbbells. Suddenly it slipped out of his hands. It fell straight at his feet. When the dumbbells fell on the glass wall, the glass entered his fingers. There is an injury to the finger of the left hand. He was immediately admitted to the hospital.

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