Actor met Kavya Madhavan’s marriage proposal, slapped and abused: Mukesh

Mukesh shares interesting stories through his YouTube channel Mukesh Speaking. This time Mukesh has shared an anecdote about actress Kavya Madhavan. Mukesh cracked a joke while talking about actor TP Madhavan.

Madhavan Chetan is separated from his wife since years. It’s a lonely life. There is a club named Lotus Club in Ernakulam. He is a member there. Live in the flat next door. Being such a nice person, Madhavan Chetan should get married.

They would shock him by saying that he needs a cage because he is so old. He said that this will not happen. One day Chetan went to say that he had got a good idea. The reason for saying this is a good idea that after this marriage it is better for the girl.

He asked, ‘Will any girl in the world benefit by marrying me?’ Not just any girl but a very prominent young beautiful girl. If he marries his brother, he will be benefited.

Because of that, the family said that they have entrusted me to think about marriage. On being asked who it was, Kavya said that it was the actress playing the heroine.

‘You will escape from my hands. If I tie up Kavya Madhavan, will she benefit? What are you saying, leave aside marriage and this is your comedy, what is the use of them?’ asked that If Kavya Madhavan marries someone else then she should change her name in the certificate.

Kavya Madhavan is Kavya Madhavan before marriage and even after marriage with Chetan. Then I said that they are not getting any benefit. Mukesh says that he sat there and hit me with the book and said three-four abusive words.