Actor Firoz Khan’s house was vandalized, who did this and why you will be shocked, tomorrow these people can come and vandalize your house too.

Feroz Khan is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He was noticed during the Bigg Boss program. His wife’s name is Sajjana. Now a very sad news is coming out. The construction work of his house was going on. But the complaint is that now this house has been ransacked.

The actor and his wife have lodged a complaint with the police station. The complaint has been received at Kollam Chattannur Police Station. Meanwhile, do you know who broke into this house like this? The contractor took the contract to build the house and demolished the house. Firoz and his wife allege that the house was demolished by the contractor. It has been said in the complaint that the incident took place last night at around nine o’clock.

Firoz says that the construction of the house was in the final stage and Shaheer, the native who had taken the contract to build the house, said that he demanded more than the amount and to avenge non-payment, he broke the house. Firoz says that the contractor asked for three lakh rupees more.

But the contractor is denying all the allegations. At the same time, everyone says that this is a regular program of some contractors. They do not proceed with the homework according to the budget that is given before the homework. During the construction phase of the house, they overcharge the owner citing various reasons like the cost of the material. Now everyone is saying in the comment box that if you do not take care of these things, then someone may come and break your house.

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