A year since Sharanya Super; actress with memories

The film Thanneer Mathan Dinmal is quite popular among the audience. Actress Anaswara Rajan played the heroine in this film. After this film, Super Sharanya starring Anaswara also became a huge success. Super Sharanya was also included in the list of best films of 2002.

Anaswara Rajan, Mamita Baiju and Arjun Asokan were the lead characters in the film. Actress Anaswara has now shared her memories related to the film which was released in January last year.

Anaswara has also shared pictures from before leaving for the shoot of the film. Anaswara has shared pictures and videos of most of the locations. The actor shared his memories with his fans through his Instagram story.

Movies that tell college stories in general always get a special reception. Super Sharanya got the same accolades. Those who appeared in small roles in the film also got attention. After this the players who came here got another chance.