A situation came to such a pass that Unni Mukundan had to leave the film Malikapuram, but everything worked out and the actor became a part of the film. Do you know who should have done this film instead of Unni Mukundan?

Unni Mukundan is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He comes from a family where there is no film tradition. That is, he has no godfather in the film. He is not only one of the leading young actors in Malayalam today, but he is also one of the renowned producers in Malayalam. Malikappuram is the latest film in which he has appeared as the protagonist.

The film is getting very good reports. The audience says that this is the best film in the career of actor Unni Mukundan. At first some people criticized the film by calling it a film of a particular political and religious group. But the film was accepted wholeheartedly by the audience. What we are seeing now is an influx of family audience into theatres.

On the other hand, do you know the fact that Unnimukundan was not supposed to make this film? Unnimukundan was initially approached for the film, but it was around this time that he did a Telugu film. Apart from this, there were many other technical problems. Unni Mukundan initially felt that he could not be a part of this film. But later as God wanted, he sorted it all out and became a part of this film.

Unni Mukundan himself has given information about all these things through a Facebook post. There are a lot of wonderful comments coming in on the Facebook post right now. Now he is thanking everyone who worked in the film. Meanwhile, let’s read his now viral post:

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