a rare and exotic disease; It is being told that actress Anushka had taken a break from films due to this illness.

Anushka Shetty is one of the super actresses of South India. The actor, who has won hearts of fans across India with megahit films like Baahubali, has been away from films and the public stage for a while now.

But now the actress is preparing to make a comeback after three years. Anushka is making a comeback with the Telugu film Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty. Mahesh Babu P. is directing this film with Naveen Polishetty in the lead role.

Fans celebrated the news of Anushka’s comeback. Meanwhile, the reason for the actor’s stay away from films for the last three years is making headlines on social media.

The actress is said to have taken a break from acting for three years due to laughing disorder. The actor had informed his fans about his illness a few days back.

“I have a laughing disorder. You might think laughing is a problem?, I am. Once I start laughing, I’ll keep laughing for 15 to 20 minutes.

Anushka said, “I can’t stop laughing when I watch or shoot comedy scenes. Many a times the shooting of films has also been stopped midway.”

Social media says that Anushka might have stopped acting for some time as part of her treatment. During this
Anushka’s last released film was ‘Nishabdham’ released in 2020.

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