A new person was brought in for freshness of the character, dubbed by the established Polly Walson; There is talk of dubbing of Saudi Velakka

‘Bringing newcomer in for freshness to the role, dubbed by established Paulie Walson’; There is talk of dubbing of Saudi Velakka

It is not a new thing that when a film reaches OTT, different opinions come to the fore. It can be said that after the theatrical release, there is going to be another release in OTT. At present the discussion is about the Saudi white collar. Directed by Tarun Murthy, the film was released in theaters on 2 December. At the time of its release, the film received an outpouring of appreciation. Especially Devi Varma who played the role of the central character Ayushumma. Pauli Valson dubbed for Devi Varma in Saudi Velakka. Dhanya Ananya’s role as Nasi was dubbed by Srinda and both of their dubbings were well received at that time.

But with the release of OTT it has turned upside down. After the OTT release, there is criticism about the dubbing of the film. It is interesting to see an element that opened to great reviews in theatres, doing the exact opposite in OTT. This happens because when you are sitting in the theater, you are immersed in the movie without paying attention to anything else. After watching the film some people realized that the dubbing was done by Pauli Walson. But if there is any doubt while watching in OTT then there is an option to stop and think to be sure and then continue watching.

The criticism that is being made now is that when you hear Ayushumma’s voice in Saudi Velakka, you think of Paulie Walson. This problem is also pointed out in the name of Srinda who dubbed for Dhanya. The audience also says that if Srinda and Pauli Valson were to be replaced by new voices with no experience, the impact would have been slightly different.

Critics have also pointed to the contradiction in the decision to voice Polly Walson, who was so established in the public mind, after bringing in a new person to bring freshness to the character.

Viewers also raised doubts as to why self-dubbing Dhanya Ananya was given the voice of Srinda. It has been criticized that neither he nor the dubbing was completed. Later, director Tarun Murthy himself came out with his reaction to the incident. Tarun clarified in the comments of the Facebook post shared regarding the OTT release. Tarun said that Devi Varma was initially told that she would not be able to dub and she did not dub due to health problems.

Also dubbed, A.C. While committing the film, it was said that it was difficult to abuse while sitting in a room. However, Tarun said that at the last moment Devi Varma decided not to dub due to health problems, though she came to the studio to dub as per his request.

Tarun also said that Srinda was dubbed in for the audience to hate Naseema’s character.
Dhanya Ananya went to Kochi and met many people and learned the style of the language. When I saw it after the shoot, I felt that Naseema’s character should have been a bit more disgusting. I felt that if ‘Chelap’ was a bit too much, the character would have got irritated. With Dhanya’s permission, Srinda approaches the dub.

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