A New Beginning; Prithviraj shared the good news

Actor Prithviraj is doing everything of his choice. Prithviraj, who came from acting, later proved his talent in direction and in the meanwhile the actor ventured into the field of production. So this actor got the best achievement of his career. Prithviraj has now shared a picture which indicates his new beginning.

A picture of him gazing at the distant scenery was posted. Fans are asking if this marks the beginning of something? There is doubt among the fans whether this is a hint of the new film or just a post.

At the same time, some people said that this will be the location of the star’s new film Empuraan. The place seen in the picture appears to be Kashmir. Prithviraj recently shared the photo saying that he is going to find out the location of Empuran.

The film has locations within and outside the country. Baiju told that Prithvi had said that he would have to go to many countries to find him. Lucifer stops talking Hollywood movie style. With the release of the location information, the expectations about Amburan are skyrocketing in the minds of the audience.

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