A mobile phone in pocket is enough to shoot a film today, so anyone can criticize: Prithviraj

Prithviraj said that the audience has every right to comment and criticize anything after watching the film. Today it is possible to shoot a film with a mobile phone and release it in theatres. So anyone can talk about that craft, says the actor.

Earlier there was less platform to talk about films. Today there are many platforms. Due to which the audience gets to know the film very quickly. Not just about the film. There are many forums active to discuss just about everything.

In the past, when we watched a movie, if we wanted to say whether it was good or bad, it only depended on our family or friends. But today there are online platforms, websites and discussion platforms to talk about movies.

So there is space and opportunity to talk about all these. Every film watcher has every right to comment and criticize any aspect of the film after watching it.

A mobile phone in the pocket today is enough to take a movie. It can be released in theaters. So easy to make a film. Prithviraj says in an interview that today one can talk about the craft of cinema.

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