a man who lives as a debtor; Saiju Note With Fan-Reply About Saiju Note

Saiju Kurup is the favorite actor of Malayalam movie lovers. The actor who came as a hero shone as a character. The actor does not give up small roles just because he has become a hero.

The actor performs beautifully even in small roles. The acting style of the actor is very much liked by the film lovers.

Now Saiju’s social media post is attracting everyone’s attention. The actor’s response to a fan’s opinion about Saiju Kurup’s character is garnering attention.

Now we have a full loan star, a fan named Ijaz Ahmed posted on the film group. Ijaz also wrote, “A man who lives as a debtor.”

Saiju, who noticed the post, came forward by replying to Eijaz. Saiju Kurup replied that Ejaz is a good observation.

Saiju said that he has never borrowed more from anyone in his life. He never took any loan from anyone except his father and father-in-law in his life. But Saiju Kurup wrote in response that the characters I have done, I have taken loan as I wanted.

Film lovers are clapping for Saiju who has responded positively to the criticism. Meanwhile, the shooting of Saiju Kurup’s film is going on.

Saiju Kurup is playing the lead role in the film directed by newcomer Sinto Sunny. Sinto Sunny himself is also writing its screenplay. Starring Darshan, Jagdish, Johnny Antony, Kottayam Naseer, Srindha, Jolly Chirayath, Sharan Raj and Jibu Jacob.

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