A love letter to Gayatri’s daughter studying in class III, when Gayatri came to know about the incident, did you hear her reply? The people of Kerala call her the best mother

Gayatri Arun is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor is identified with the serial sector. Gayatri played the character of Deepti IPS in the serial Vaayatri. Now the actor is also quite active in the film industry. Though the actor played the central role, the film Enre Alia released last week. The film is getting very good reports.

Her husband’s name is Arun. Both have a daughter. The daughter’s name is Kalyani. He informs his fans about every small and big thing about his daughter. Gayatri also has her own YouTube channel. The actor shares all the details of his life with his fans. Now the things said by the actor in an interview given to a YouTube channel have been noticed. The actor is now talking about the love letters he received from his daughter.

“My daughter studies in class three. There are love and love letters between them. It is very active. She talks about it. She used to say that mother got me a love letter today and proposed me. We openly discuss all such reasons. We find all these things very funny. There is an age when life is to be taken seriously and till then it is enough to look at it as a joke.” – Says Gayatri Arun.

“People in our country still see a boy coming and say he likes it as a big problem. We live in such a society even today. But there is really no need for it. A boy It is a very natural phenomenon to come and tell us that he likes us. It is about how we react. I have told my daughter not to worry about such things anymore.” – added Gayatri Arun.