A devotee prepares the house for Lakshmi Nakshatra due to intense worship

Lakshmi Nakshatra is one such star who has come to the fore in a short span of time as well as the name of the top performers. There are many fans of Star’s interaction through his presentation style and social media. Today Lakshmi Tilangar is on the stage of Star Magic. After reaching here, this actor became even more noticed.

Lakshmi talks about her fans. Lots of gifts are given to Lakshmi with love. Earlier we had come across a fan of Lakshmi who got the actor’s face tattooed on her chest. It was a great discussion. Now another fan has prepared a house for Lakshmi.

Saw the house, someone from Kozhikode has come to see. Amin has come up with a miniature version of the house. They said that it is haraam because there is dirt and mold inside.

He is shooting video from outside. This has been done for one year. That’s it, I didn’t know the car had changed. This was done after seeing the photo. The verandah and terrace of the house have also been done in a similar way. Lakshmi also said that it was done for fun. But below the video there are comments that the dog is forbidden.

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