A bunch of idiots who see Unnimukundan as god – YouTuber mocks Unni Mukundan fans again, Malayalam audience gets aggressive

Santosh Keezhattur is one of the most favorite actors of Malayalees. Recently he made a disclosure. He said that he had received death threats for criticizing Unni Mukundan. After this, the secret agent who is ruling the social media has made a new video making fun of his fans. A few days ago Unnimukundan called him.

“Many politicians have made threats. But there has never been any death threat from his side. Listeners will think that this will never happen. Who is Unni Mukundan Rocky Bhai? There is a bunch of fools in the country who see Unni Mukundan as God. So what to do next? Unnimukundan cannot be blamed in this case. Many people associated with Unni Mukundan also have the same opinion. What a stupid program is this? – asks the secret agent.

“If you kill someone after criticizing Unni Mukundan, will Unni Mukundan come to bail you out? After that you have to go after it yourself. Unni Mukundan and I had minor issues. But it ended outside that phone. The problem has been compounded by thrashings and death threats by fans. Do they really have a quote program?” – asks the secret agent.

“None of us knows what Unni Mukundan’s politics are. It has not been said. But some people who politicize Unni Mukundan start talking by saying that Unni is our man. Same happened in my case. Unnimukundan does none of this. This is done by some people around him,” added the secret agent.

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