2022 was a year full of troubles for Mala Parvati, the actress faced these problems in the last year

Mala Parvathy is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actress is one of the best character actresses in Malayalam today. The actor is now one of the leading character actresses in Malayalam. There are reports that several roles from Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu are being sought for the actor.

At the same time, the actor remains very active on social media. The actor shares all his new features with his fans. All the details shared by the actor are going viral in no time. The star often not only comments on all the social, cultural and political issues going on in the country, but it also often becomes the cause of massive criticism.

A post written by the actor about the past year is worth mentioning. The actor says that 2022 was a year when the actor suffered a lot. The actor used to say about last year that he lost his father and mother. At the same time, the actor did not forget to thank his life partner for supporting him in this difficult time.

The actor posted this note on Facebook. This post quickly went viral. Lots of people coming forward with very nice comments below. Read the full version of the actress’ post, which is now going viral on social media:

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