20 year old Anaswara Rajan is different from 72 year old Mammootty, did you see actor’s reaction on body shaming? The audience said that such youth are the hope of the country.

Mammootty is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He is not only one of the best actors of all time in the history of Malayalam cinema, but he is also one of the biggest superstars of Malayalam. But recently he was embroiled in some minor controversies. First, she was criticized by many for body-shaming director Jude Anthony Joseph. Mammootty joked that he has no hair on his head but is very intelligent. This became a huge controversy and Mammootty later apologized on the issue.

Later, when actress Aishwarya Lakshmi called Mammootty ‘Chakra’, Mammootty joked that she would only call herself ‘Kala Chakra’ and not ‘Safed Panjara’. There was a lot of criticism, but the actor has not yet apologized on this issue. At the same time, many people came out in support of Mammootty on both these issues.

Now the comment of actress Anaswara Rajan is being noticed regarding body shaming. Viewers ask how a 20-year-old boy can achieve such a big position. Earlier, there used to be more discrimination for the elderly, but today the situation is opposite. People’s consciousness, information and discretion increase with age.

“There are people who are worried whether we can speak in a group because of political correctness. That is, we are afraid when we speak. We should be afraid. We have to get used to it. it will be difficult to change it suddenly. When we say something, whether you are thin, dark or fat, it does not affect us. Also it will have a very good effect on the listeners. But we may laugh, but we cannot tell how much it affects the listener. Whatever we say, we must think about it. Now, whether in a group or among close friends, you must be careful. You should be careful what you say to someone” – these are the words of Anasvara.

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