2 years 6 months after husband’s death Meghna Raj with a new special news, fans including critics

Meghana Raj is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor has been seen for the film Yakshi Yama Nyam directed by Vinayan. Later, the actor played several notable characters in Malayalam. The actor was very active not only in Malayalam but in every film industry in South India. The actor shone more brightly in the Kannada film industry. If you want to say he was the young superstar here.

The actor married Kannada superstar Chiranjeevi Sarja. The actress married him after many years of courtship. But this marriage did not last long. He left us on 7th June 2020. Chiranjeevi left us due to a heart attack. The actress was pregnant at that time. Later the actress gave birth to a boy. The name of the child is Rayan Raj Sarja.

Now the actor has come with a new news. After the death of her husband, the actress has recently made a comeback in the film industry. The actor first worked in an ad film. The actor got a grand reception in the film industry. Now the actor is bringing another special news.

The actor has decided to start a new YouTube channel. Now it is expected that this will reveal all the new features of the actress. At the same time, many people have come forward with criticism. Some uncles and aunts are asking whether it is good to start a YouTube channel before three years have passed since the death of the husband. Also, his fans are asking why other people are so obsessed about him starting a YouTube channel.