At that time I felt that this mole would be spicy; Katapram about actress Samyukta Verma

Sathyan Anthikad directed the film again Some Domestic Affairs. The screenplay was by Lohidas. It was also the debut film of Malayalam’s favorite actress Samyukta Varma. After this, the actress got few opportunities in Malayalam itself. After marriage, the actress stayed away from acting. Later, the actor made a comeback through commercial … Read more

They ran to me thinking it was actress Soundarya, but they did not know that Soundarya was dead; Chandra Laxman shared his experiences

Chandra Laxman is an actress who has acted in many movies and serials. Now, Chandra is playing the female lead in her own serial Sujata. After a long break, Chandra returned to acting with this series. The actress married for the second time. Chandra is also the mother of a child today. … Read more

Women can go to any temple including Sabarimala, God will not be upset if menstruating women go to the temple; Aishwarya Rajesh

Aishwarya Rajesh is an actress who has worked in many films. Now attention is being paid to Aishwarya’s words. The actress says that if menstruating women enter the temple then no god will be disturbed and it is only a man-made rule. Aishwarya talked about this when she interacted with the media … Read more

Vidyagopal Mantracharan First Award to actor Unni Mukundan: To be presented on February 12

Kodungallur: Vidyagopala Mantra actor Unni Mukundan of the Kerala Temple Protection Society district committee won the first composition award. Parigani played the role of Ayyappan in the film ‘Malikappuram’. Chan chose Unni Mukundan. On February 12, preparations are being made for the yagya in the Bhagwati temple in the east. Dr. V. Rajan announced that … Read more

Bleeding from the nose on reaching home on the third day after going up and down from the railway station; On losing his father, actor Manish says it was due to his lack of focus

Manish Krishnan is an actor who has acted in many serials. He has acted as a villain and a hero. Manish came in the serial after his father. Now Manish’s talk about his father’s death is making headlines. The actor says that within two weeks of his first serial, his father passed … Read more